Born and raised on a farm in Indiana where the land was flat, the

neighbors distant, and the time to explore the forests and creek-side abundant. 

A variety of animals were pets; the garden was our winter food source; the

family of faith were our brothers and sisters. A lot of maturing occurred in

each transition: farm to college (1500 students), and then, from college to “big

city living” (20,000). 

I worked in Michigan at the Dow Chemical Company for 31 years. Studies in

chemistry and mathematics formed the structured patterns of research, analysis,

and technical problem solving.  This world, down to the smallest atom, was

defined and a part of a much larger world. Life was good.

Retirement--aaah sweet retirement!  A move to God’s country, the Pacific

Northwest; the mountains and streams, the forests and ocean, beauty of creation

in each location.  Capture it during the hikes, or while kayaking on the

mountain streams; capture it strolling through gardens, or with the flowers on

the deck. Life is good.

Photography is a medium that allows me to capture some of the beauty in which I 

live.  My past defines the approach; nature, flowers, birds, animals; the

harvest heavy with colored fruits, vegetables and grains, nurtured through the

changing seasons; the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds, rainbows, and the starry

night sky.  My photography seeks to show the detail of that which surrounds us

and which we so often overlook whether that be the detail of a flower, the

timing of an eclipse, or a ladybug on a dandelion parachute.

Life is good.

National and international recognition has been received in award winning photo

competitions and publications.

Life is indeed-good.